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The Trinbago Backpackers would like to take you on a tour of our specially chosen nature trails of Trinidad & Tobago.

Our annual itinerary includes guided tours to:

· Forest Trails (these trails are the remains of old and historic bench roads used by     our  ancestors).

· Grand rivers and waterfalls not otherwise accessible except by hiking.

· Down de Islands and other remote coastal beaches, inlets, caves ect.

· Educational tours to Historic Sites and Places of Special Interest (knolly’s tunnel/    hanuman Statue and Temple in Sea/ Pitch Lake/ Asa Wright Nature         Centre/Caroni Bird Sanctuary/ Mud Volcano at Lamoshelle)

· Special Feature page, Tobago Hikes.

· Special events – Annual hikaton, Annual marathon, dress-up hike, Charity event.

While on the trail with Trinbago Backpackers you are guaranteed a fulfilling experience and you will be provided with informational specific to each trail including history and other cultural aspects of the local village life. 

(These trails were once used as access roads to get from one village to the next)

Hikers will also be educated about the flora and fauna, and may even be lucky to experience an intimate encounter with the animals in their natural habitat. What’s more, most of our trails are chosen to lead us eventually to a great spot, be it a waterfall, river, beach, or beautiful vista. Hikers will be encouraged to indulge in the recreation provided by these nature spots or to simply enjoy passing the time in the tranquillity of nature. 

 At Trinbago Backpackers we are committed to the safety and enjoyment of our hikers and we demonstrate this by employing all the necessary safety standards and other documented local and international guidelines for hikers. We continue to uphold the highest standards of operations and camaraderie among fellow hikers for a most enjoyable and rewarding experience for all.

Whether you are a first time hiker or a regular with the club, we can guarantee the warmth, comfort, and confidence of hiking with an experienced group of fellow hikers. 

Trinbago backpackers will show you the beauty of Trinidad & Tobago that you never believe existed.